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Aug, 2020

OYAA Soccer - Fall 2020 Update 1 of 2

Hello everyone!

I hope this message finds you and your family safe, healthy and doing well.  My name is Mike Lentz.  I am the OYAA Soccer Director.  I will share two messages today that are specific to the OYAA soccer program and our efforts to get the Fall 2020 season started.

Message 1 of 2 (morning):  
Player & Coach Registration Status, Team Rosters and Making Payments
Message 2 of 2 (evening):  Timeline of events necessary to start the season

Note:  Emails -- my email inbox is overflowing...200+ emails in my inbox since Saturday 8/22.  My reply time is taking much longer than expected.  I hope today's messages help answer some general questions. 

Message 1 of 2:  Player & Coach Registration Status, Team Rosters and Making Payments
** This First Message is long.  I explain in detail where we are in the team formation process. **

As you can imagine there are many moving pieces to organizing the recreational soccer season to support 1,800+ players, 250+ coaches, 100+ referees and 39 game fields at six different locations.  We WILL be ready to play safely and in full compliance with the Ohio Department of Health orders.  The turn around time is shorter than normal but that is O.K.  Like all of you, I want the kids back on the field playing soccer in the safest environment possible.

Player & Coach Registration Status
Teams are being formed based on 1 of 2 player/coach registration statuses.

Status #1 - a player or coach was registered up for the Spring 2020 season. 
 When the Spring 2020 season was cancelled, the family opted to have the Spring 2020 registration to be moved to the Fall 2020 season.  These players and coaches were moved forward and are considered "registered."  The only player fee that is for the Fall 2020 season is the uniform fee.  Most families have already paid this uniform fee.  Note:  Spring 2020 teams do not move forward to the Fall season.  Only the individual player and coach registrations.  Teams are created new each Fall season (this has been the OYAA policy as long as I have been with the organization... 15 years).

Status #2 - a player or coach is on the wait list for the Fall 2020 season
.  Players/Coaches who have registered for the Fall 2020 season when registration opened on June 1st (through 8/24) have been placed on a wait list.  The wait list doesn't mean the player/coach will not be placed on a team.  The wait list was our way of accepting registrations without asking for payment because we didn't know if the Fall season would be played.

 If you would like to proactively withdraw your child or coach from the Fall 2020 Season, please send an email no later than
                                       Wednesday, August 26th at 8:46 AM to the individuals below.

      Mike Lentz ([email protected]):  Divisions = PreK, Girls Kindergarten through 6th grade; MSSA Boys, MSSA Girls, HSSA Coed
      Michelle Davies ([email protected]):  Divisions Boys Kindergarten through 6th grade

Team Rosters
This is where things get tricky.  Each day I receive requests from coaches and players asking to withdraw from the Fall 2020 season.  I fully respect, understand and support the individual family choice.  The health and safety of everyone is a top priority.  Changes to the player & coach status make finalizing teams difficult.

As of today, Tuesday 8/25, team rosters are not final.  While I have team rosters completed in a draft document, the specific player and coach team assignments do not appear in your OYAA family registration account.  I will not finalize team assignments for players/coaches until everyone has completed their payments.

Payments for the Fall 2020 season
Status 1 players/coaches (Spring 2020 to Fall 2020) do not need to make payment unless there is a uniform fee balance on your account.

Status 2 players/coaches (signed up for the Fall season after June 1) --- On Wednesday, August 26th, OYAA will begin to activate player/coach registrations that are on the wait list. What does "activate" mean?  This means OYAA moves the player/coach off the "wait list" so they can make payment.  When this happens, families will receive an email from OYAA and their OYAA family account will show a balance due. To complete the activation process, the parent can follow the link in the email or login to their OYAA family account and make payment for the Fall 2020 season.

Note 1:  Cancellation for Non-Payment.    This activation email has deadline.  If the deadline passes the player registration is cancelled.  Because we have a short time to complete this process, registrations cancelled for non payment risk not be be added to a team for the Fall 2020 season.  I recommend that you check your email (inbox and SPAM/Junk folders) daily.   

Note 2:   not all player/coach wait list registrations will be activated at the same.  If don't get an email or don't see a balance due in your account, this means we have not activated your registration yet.   The activation process could take a couple of days.  WHY?  I will only activate the players/coaches I know I can assign to a team.  I want and will create new teams so more kids can play.  However, to create a team I must have at least 1, ideally 2 coaches.

Thank you for taking time to read this message.  Message 2 of 2 will be shared later this evening.  I appreciate your understanding, cooperation and patience as we prepare to play soccer this Fall.

Yours in Soccer,

Mike Lentz

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