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Rec Soccer Coach Resources

Below are links to documents and websites containing information helpful to OYAA Soccer volunteer coaches.

March 2022 -- There will be no COVID-19 restrictions in place for the Spring 2022 outdoor soccer games.  This page will be updated as necessary to ensure player, coach, referee and spectator health and safety in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines and protocols. 

Preseason Coach Workshop Agenda 
   Spring 2023 Preseason Coach Workshop Agenda
   Beat the Heat In Soccer Resource

GRADE LEVEL Rules, Expectations and Guidelines - Spring 2023

 Pre-K  Kindergarten 1st Grade   2nd Grade 3rd Grade    4th Grade  5th & 6th Grade   


The Build Line - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade
* The build outline is part of US Soccer effort to help players in small sided game environments learn how initiate the game from a a goal kick or when the goalkeeper has the ball in his/her hands after a save. 
* The defending team (team without the ball) must return behind the build out line so the attacking team can put the ball into play.
* With the new law change, the attacking team is allowed to stand inside the penalty box to receive the pass.
* The game is "Live" as soon as the goal kick is taken; or as soon as the goal keeper passes the ball (foot or hand).

What is Offsides
* Here are 3 helpful videos.    What is Offside Rule   Video 1       Video 2     Video 3

TEAM Management & Recommended Resources

     *   HELP! I Volunteered to Coach

     *   They are all bunched up!  - My players are bunched up.  Is that o.k.?

     *   What should a soccer practice include? Part 1

     *   What should a soccer practice include? Part 2-3

     *   Game Time!  - How to manage the game...Coaches, Parents and Referees!

     *   Website resource links and book recommendations

PRACTICE Games & Activities = Fun and teach soccer skills!

     *  OYAA Soccer Practice Plan Organizer (1 page)
     *  Dribbling Session I      (1 page)

     *  Dribbling Session II     (1 pages)

     *  Training games that teach technique: dribbling, passing, shooting (3 pages)

     *  Season Long Practice Plan (1 page each) -- GREAT for all OYAA recreational age groups; repeat as need until kids understand the skill

         -- Week 1
         -- Week 2
         -- Week 3
         -- Week 4
         -- Week 5
         -- Week 6
         -- Week 7
         -- Week 8

     *  Turning with the ball;  Improving players comfort with the ball.    Sessions:   #1     #2     #3     #4     #5     #6

     *  NEW (August 2017):  Catch Me If You Can          Transition Games          Winner Stays On (Survivor)

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