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Rec Softball


Eligibility Season Price Downloads
Age Divisions: 6u thru 13u
  After Memorial Day through mid- to late July.

 $120 - $135 Emergency Medical Form
Sponsorship Form

Registration opens February 1.
Read the Program Dates/Policies page for program dates/deadlines.

Welcome to OYAA Recreational Softball!

Thank you for your interest in OYAA recreational softball!

If you are interested in sponsoring a team for the 2022 season, please contact Commissioner Jeff Imholz at [email protected]

Overview of OYAA Recreational Softball:

OYAA recreational fastpitch softball is focused on teaching and developing fundamental softball skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The term ‘fastpitch’ is used to differentiate the game from ‘slow pitch’, which has a different set of rules. Fastpitch softball is the game that is played by middle and high school programs as well as by college, national, and international teams. The actual speed of the pitch is dependent on age and skill level, but in our recreational leagues, it is rare to see a ‘fast’ pitch until at least the 13U level.


Recreational league games are generally played during the week, with make-up games re-scheduled on the weekend. Some T-ball games are also scheduled on Saturday mornings. Practice will begin in late April (usually twice a week for each team) with games beginning around Memorial Day continuing through mid-July.

2022 Registration

For health/safety concerns, OYAA will not provide batting helmets to be shared within teams. Each athlete must provide her own glove and helmet. Athletes are highly encouraged to bring their own bat. All of these items are available for purchase at Dick's or other sporting goods retailers.

Recreational Softball Age Divisions

Princess Division (T-ball) – Ages 5 and 6

 Early Bird Fee: $120

The Princess Division is designed as an introduction to softball for beginning players who must be at least age 5 as of May 1, 2022 and players are generally in Pre-K or in Kindergarten. The emphasis for coaches in this league is on instruction of basic softball skills and rules as well as teamwork and good sportsmanship. Teams will ideally consist of 7-8 players. This will allow players to receive more individual instruction in practice as well as more at bats and fielding opportunities in games. Games are played with an 11” rubberized ball and a tee. After 3 weeks, each coach has the option of throwing three soft-toss pitches before using the tee. There is generally one game scheduled on a weeknight and another on Saturday morning during the season. Some of the details include:

·       Each team will be scheduled to play 12 games between Memorial Day and July 20.

·       Each team will consist of only 6-8 players, with players only at infield positions. This will allow players more opportunities to field the ball as            well as more batting opportunities.

·       Bases will be set at 45’ rather than the standard 60’.

·       Games will generally be played on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings at Wyandot Run and Arrowhead Elementary Schools.

·       Registration fee is $120 and includes a jersey, shorts, and socks.


Rookie Division (Coach Pitch) – Age 8 and under                                                            

Early Bird Fee: $135

The intent of the Rookie Division is to teach players age 8 and under as of January 1, 2022 the game of fastpitch softball, specifically focusing on hitting and fielding. It is a beginning league with modified rules to aid in the training of players with little or no softball experience. Games are played with an 11” rubberized ball. The pitching rubber is 30’ from the plate and through the first three weeks of the season, it is strictly coach pitch. After the third week, players (with sufficient pitching skills) may be given the opportunity to pitch 3 pitches prior to 4 pitches delivered by the coach. Teams are scheduled to play 12 games during the season. Players receive jersey, pants, and socks.


Junior Division (Player/Coach Pitch) – Age 10 and under                                            

Early Bird Fee: $135

The Junior Division is open for players age 10 and under as of January 1, 2022. It continues the development of fundamental skills, but also introduces other concepts such as leading off, stealing, and game strategy. The pitcher/catcher relationship develops as players pitch the first 4 pitches to each batter before the coach pitches the last 3. The pitching rubber is set at 35’ and the game will be played with an 11” regulation softball. Teams are scheduled to play 12 games during the season and an end-of-the-season tournament. Players receive jersey, pants, and socks.

Cadet Division (Player Pitch) – Age 13 and under                                                                                                    

Early Bird Fee: $135

The Cadet Division is open for players age 13 and under as of January 1, 2022. It is an introductory competitive league. Although still instructional and recreational in nature, OYAA umpires are used and Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rules are used with some modifications to allow for the recreational nature of the league. This league is strictly player pitch. A 12” regulation softball is used and the pitching rubber is set at 40’. The goal of this division is to stress good sportsmanship and fair play while learning and playing the game at a more competitive level – and having fun! Teams are scheduled to play 12 games during the season as well as an end-of-the-season tournament. Players receive jersey, pants, and socks.

Additional Opportunities:

This summer the OYAA Recreational Softball Program will be offering mini camps and clinics for players and coaches to assist in the improvement of skills in the areas of pitching, defense, and hitting. Schedules for these opportunities will be released to families after registration concludes.  We look forward to a very fun summer!

Please email commissioner Jeff Imholz at [email protected] with additional questions.

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